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Our Content 

At Criius Gaming, we understand that being good at the game is only half of the job in esports. As a result, we put a special focus on developing content as well as supporting our community with content support. See below for some of the work we are doing to showcase the amazing talent, creativity and passion of the #CriiusCrew!

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The main Criius Gaming Youtube channel features a variety of content created by our team. From announcement videos to creative gamemodes, this channel focuses on storytelling and engagement. 


The Criius VODs Youtube channel servers as a hub for all of our full stream recordings. Featuring Sunday Scrims, Criius Bi-Weeklies and full match VODs as well!

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Criius Clips is where we feature the greatest clips that arise from our players content. Our videos on this channel are often under 1 minute and range from top tier plays to funny misplays. 

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