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Reality of starting an esports org

Hey everyone, it's Jordan! I wanted to take a second to write up another blog post for you guys. This time, I want to talk a bit about the reality of starting an org and to share some exciting news as well!

Starting an org is hard. As much as we would love to take Criius full-time, it's not feasible at this very moment. In order to survive, we need to make money and we know Criius will get there one day, but the reality is that it's not there yet. Don't worry though, we AREN'T going anywhere!

We still have our Rocket League team competing in a variety of leagues (most importantly, the upcoming season of the CECS in October) and we are hoping to start creating some more content again soon. We just needed to take a short break from the content side as both Alex and myself are moving out of Calgary for work.

That means that although we will be working on Criius Gaming part-time, we are excited to keep growing and building esports in Western Canada!

The exciting news is that we are going to be expanding our team soon. Therefore, Criius can continue to grow even if Alex and I can't do every single thing. Being the co-founder of a new esports organization with only a couple thousand dollars in startup money means that we've been hands on with everything. That is amazing of course, but it does mean that we can't be full-time hands on with Criius, while also working a full-time job. Expanding our team will help relieve some stress and allow us to keep grinding the business side of the org!

So keep an eye out for some more content coming soon and thank you for all of the support so far! We really appreciate it.



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