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Work With Us!

See below for current opportunities at Criius Gaming

Assist in the organization of Criius Gaming events. Responsibilities include communicating with participants, informing production of match results and coordinating match lobbies. 

Create content that will be featured on Criius Gaming social media channels. Responsibilities include informing the community of match times, facilitating giveaways and creating memes that engage the community.

Create visual content for Criius Gaming content. Responsibilities include creating themed visuals for social media posts and thumbnails for our Youtube channel. 

Interested in competing? We are always looking for new players to add to our team. We understand that being good at the game is only half the job. We aid our players in building their brand to get to the highest level.  Apply with the link above!

Help moderate Twitch chat and run polls. Act as a Discord admin in our servers to answer questions and help grow the community. 

Build your personal brand by becoming a Content Creator at Criius Gaming! We will provide you with the tools you need to optimize your brand and enhance the quality of your content. Apply with the link above!


If you think you're an ideal fit for Criius Gaming - Contact us below!

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