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Meet the Team

We've been working hard to build our organization and here are the people behind the brand who make everything run smoothly.




Jordan has over 10 years of experience on YouTube, 3 years of radio promotions, a marketing internship, and a Communications Degree. He currently works as a content producer with Pattison Media and starting an esports org has been a dream of his since he was a teenager. He originally came up with the name "Criius" back in 2019.

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Alex has more than 5 years of broadcasting experience, a Communications Degree with a Business Minor, and a passion for all things esports. Alex specializes in live production and facilitates the Criius Gaming stream productions. From League of Legends to Farming Simulator, Alex has seen it all!



Staff Member

Dawson started his journey on Criius as part of our first Rocket League roster in May 2021. He's been playing Rocket League for over 5 years and now helps behind the scenes building the org. He's majoring in business and hopes to start gaining more experience with social media, management, and more while still playing a variety of games and competing once in a while.


Deanna "Cat_Paw"

Social Media Manager

Hello! My name is Deanna "Cat_Paw" and I'll be helping Criius with social media management! My video game journey started with Pokémon at a young age. This then evolved into a passion for JRPGs and that led me to Tales of Symphonia, which was also the first game that I streamed on Twitch. With Criius, I want to help them grow and expand into other game franchises to get Canada more involved in esports. 

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