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Meet our Halo Team!

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Team Captain

I am Tobías "TO8ERT" Patmore and I am absolutely cracked out of my mind at video games. I always knew I would be the best and that is why I started to play Halo competitively. I began this journey not only to take names and make money, but to also join a fun and exciting community! I am thrilled to be part of this team and I hope to bring glory and recognition both for my squad and to this organization as a whole through my constant slaying of opposing teams.

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Sami joined Criius as a part of our first ever competitive Halo Roster. 




Hello! My name is Shoka but you can also call me Dan if you'd like. I have started my journey through esports games by 2016 starting with CS:GO until 2020 when Valorant came out. Grinded my way to FACEIT Level 9 in CS:GO and Peaked at Diamond 3 in Valorant. As of now I'm laid back relaxing and playing Halo Infinite on KBM. I've always loved streaming to Twitch and recording stuff for Youtube also!

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 My name is Jared Jahnke. I've been playing Halo since 2011, starting with Reach, and have just gotten into the competitive scene at the end of 2021. When I'm not sweating (figuratively and literally) in Halo I enjoy coding and lifting heavy circles. I am excited to grow with Criius and represent them in the Halo community!

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I am an ex-cyber security contractor moving into the Virtual Production world currently going to school for my BFA with hopes of an MFA when I am done. I also am a husband and dad (2) kids , was onyx in last season halo as well as peaked at top 4% globally for Pokémon TCG. I spend a ton of time building gundams with my wife and have placed 3rd in competitions for them as well.

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