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Criius Crew

Criius Gaming wouldn't be possible without our amazing team! Not only do we have a competitive roster, but we also have content creators and a Rocket League freestyler as well. We understand the importance of creating engaging and fun content to share with the community. Our goal is to recognize this by finding creative, committed members to represent the Criius Crew in exchange for support with their content goals. 

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LittleBigManT is our Rocket League content creator. He loves to stream Rocket League on Twitch as well as making videos on TikTok. You may also see LittleBigManT casting Rocket League tournaments or other events Criius Gaming participates in. LittleBigManT loves the Criius Crew and would like to welcome you to our community!



Django is our Rocket League freestyler. Freestyling in this game is all about the mechanics and showing off individual skills. Having Django as our freestyler allows us to create some amazing content and compete in show matches against other freestylers. 

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