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The Criius Story

Criius Gaming was founded by two communications graduates from Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta. They noticed a lack of successful esports organizations, tournaments, and overall gaming community in Western Canada. 


Here at Criius, we strive to build a professional esports brand by creating engaging content, competing in a variety of games, and building a strong community within our org and beyond. We want to set the standard for how esports orgs should present themselves in a fun and professional way while connecting with others who have similar interests to grow the esports scene. 

Currently, we have a main focus on the video game Rocket League where we have a competitive roster and create content around the game. We are working hard to build the Rocket League Community in Western Canada by producing biweekly Twitch streams called Criius Sunday Scrims. We work with nearly 10 universities and orgs across four provinces to showcase some top-tier talent with our professional broadcasts. 

Rocket League is just the beginning. The team at Criius is looking to expand into new video games soon! 

The name 'Criius' is based on Crius/Krios [pronounced cry-us - meaning 'ram'] the Titan of the Constellations in Greek mythology. 

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